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Helipad Bar (Clarke Quay, Singapore) – Details and how to reach

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Helipad is one of the most famous night life activity place in Singapore. It is a two story bar which holds a rooftop bar (helipad) and a dance club in the lower level.

Note: Minimum entry age is 18 for females and 21 for male for dance club.


The Central #05-22
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817


All round the year


Helipad (Mon - Sat: 6.00 PM to 2.00 AM)

Dance club (Wed, Fri and Sat : 10.00 PM to 3.00 AM)

How to Reach:

Nearest MRT station is Clarke Quay (NE5) – Helipad is just a few min walk able distance form the station.

Contact Details:

Official Website:

Phone No: (65)63278118

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