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MegaZip Adventure Park (Sentosa Island, Singapore) - Details and how to reach

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SGD 35.00


MegaZip Adventure Park is an adventure theme park which is sure to pack up the adrenalin in your body. The park has four rides which are MegaZip (75 meter high and 450 meters long zipwire ride through Imbiah top hill), ParaJump (50 meter harness jump which replicate a parachute jump), NorthFace (16 meter high obstacle wall climb with three different routes to top) and ClimbMax (40 feet three level rope adventure course).

Note: There are strict weight and height requirements for each rides. MegaZip (Min height 90 cm, max weight 140 kg, person with less than 30 kg can be coupled with another person of proper height and weight), ClimbMax (min height 120 cm, max weight 120 kg), ParaJump (min weight 30 kg and max weight 120 kg) and NorthFace (min weight 30 kg and max weight 120kg)


Imbiah Hill Road
Sentosa Island


MegaZip: SGD35 per ride
ClimbMax: SGD35 for 24 obstacles
ParaJump: SGD15 for a jump
NorthFace: SGD20 for 20 min
Jungle Ride: SGD5 per trip
VIP Pass: SGD20

In addition, combo packs are also available which are as follows:
MegaZip + ClimbMax + ParaJump + NorthFace + VIP Psss (The Dragon Pass): SGD75
MegaZip + ClimbMax + ParaJump (The Tiger pass): SGD60
MegaZip + ClimbMax (The Eagle Pass): SGD55
ClimbMax + ParaJump + NorthFace (The Monkey Pass): SGD50

For online ticket booking, please visit the following Website:


All round the year


11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (daily)

How to Reach:

The nearest Station is Beach Station at Sentosa Monorail – From there take a Blue line to Imbiah Lookout bus stop. Walking distance from Imbiah Lookout bus stop to MegaZip Adventure Park is 600 m (8 min). Please refer the following for route from Imbiah Lookout bus stop to MegaZip Adventure park:

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1) From Imbiah Lokout bus stop head west on Cable Car Rd (16 m)
2) Turn right to stay on cable car Rd (200 m)
3) At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Imbiah Rd (170 m)
4) Slight left onto Imbiah Hill Rd (230 m)

For more information on how to reach, please refer the following Website:

Contact Details:

Official Website:

Phone No.: (65)68845602 (general)

e-mail: info@megazip.com.sg (general)

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